Those who entered my sites on the "Monday Never Comes" blog or its homepage should go here to get back to their ring.

Other pages on this site ... the only page on this site, other the ring entry page for my blog, that will belong to any rings of its own in the foreseeable future, is my Lousiana photo gallery. Those trying to return to a ring on which that photo gallery is to be found should go here.

If, on the other hand, you're trying to get to one of the rings that "The Urban Backpacker's Quarterly belongs to ... how did you get here? Did you go wandering through a Blogger profile, and then get confused because the urls for the two blogs differed only by the addition of a hyphen, not noticing that the titles are totally different? Never mind. You're in the wrong place. You need to be here. Glad I could help. No need to thank me. Really.

If you came to my sites from anywhere else, probably because you've been wandering the links between my sites and closing a few windows, sorry you had to sit through that. Just go to the global ring return page for my sites, and you should find your way to where you need to be; it's all menu driven. If that copy is down, not a problem. Here are two more, on different servers: 1 2

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