If you are trying to get back to a ring that "Monday Never Comes: Joseph Dunphy's Soapbox" (formerly known as "Joseph Dunphy's Blog to Come"), you should see the navbar for your ring on the page below. If you really want to be compulsive about this, you can even see that navbar on the entry page for said blog on your ring. I don't know why you'd want to do that, it's the same navbar either way, but, hey, click on your link and be happy.

But perhaps this is not good enough? Maybe you entered my pages through one of the mirrors to this sites found on Webring Webspace and Comoj.com, and want to return through that copy, even though exactly the same ring code is to be found in all three locations? Why not? Each copy of the site has ring return page just like this one which you can return though, instead - see, here's the one at Webring Webspace and here's one at Comoj.com - just like this one, and when I say "just like this one", I do mean just like this one. In fact, one can be anal retentive over there, too, and use the webring entry at Webring Webspace or Horizon-host.com as the case may be. Whatever keeps your (or maybe somebody else's) water transport vehicle buoyant.

If you entered my pages anywhere else, just go to the local ring return page for this site, and we'll get everything sorted out.

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