If this page loaded slowly, suggesting that the server is experiencing an unusually heavy amount of traffic, you might try one of the mirrors to this page, which are to be found on Comoj.com and Webring Webspace. The copies interlink, the needed ring code is present on all, and there is a clear path back to the ring on each, so you will be able to find your way back.

Yes, the Webring.com navbars are being seen twice. There have been display problems, very recently, so I've backed up the ssnb with html to ensure that something appears. For those who are trying to get to "Monday Never Comes" aka "Joseph Dunphy's Soapbox" or "Joseph Dunphy's Blog to Come, the link for that will be coming soon. If you were just wondering where this blog got such the strange name it started with, this post on my personal Googlegroup should answer that question. The new title is a reference to the experience of unemployment - the weekend that never ends, as much as one wishes that it would. The page that you are currently on is part of the future companion site for that blog.

My blog lies here, as I have relocated it from its former location at Yahoo 360 in anticipation of the closing of that service. When you wish to return to your ring, look for the link marked "RINGS THIS BLOG BELONGS TO", all in caps, just like that, second from the bottom on my blogroll at the old location, or in the upper left hand corner at the new location at Blogger. If you should be at the bottom of the page, and not wish to scroll all of the way back to the top, no problem. On the bottom of every page but the last, you should see a link labeled "older posts", which will take you to the top of the next page. At the foot of every page but the first, you'll find one marked "home", which leads to the top of the first page; either way, you'll be right next to the link back to the ring.

Shall we continue?

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