Future location of the homepage for Monday Never Comes. Relatively little here at this point, just the webring entry and return pages for said blog, and the beginnings of a Louisiana page that so far consists only of a photo gallery from a trip I took a few years ago. More later, as time allows.

What, specifically, you ask? In the course of writing a blog, I'll come across a topic which I'd like to explore in more depth than the one page format of a blog post makes practical. I'll write a small page about that topic, probably placing it in its own subdirectory, where it becomes part of the "evergreen" content of this site, as I've heard somebody say. The homepage will, in significant part, be an accumulation of those little sites that are created along the way, which is why I'm a little vague about what you're going to find on this site. Honestly, I don't know, myself. Blogging is a response to the things one sees and hears along the way, and if I knew what was going to be in tomorrow's paper, I'd surely be far too busy to put together a website. At best, I can say "wait and find out" - that, and don't assume that just because Bush is out of office at the time of this writing, that I'm going to stop blogging about him. The damage the man has done will keep him topical for years to come.

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